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Thank you for your interest in WaterView Homeowners Association. If you need additional information that wasn't available on our website, have questions about the homeowners association and area, or need to contact the HOA Office, please feel free to use the information provided below.


    Dial 911 in Event of an Emergency

HOA Staff:

7801 Kings Court
Rowlett, Texas 75089

Dana Flores
Community Manager
office: (972) 463-4455​

Krystal Mann
Assistant Community Manager
office: (972) 463-4455​​

Alexandria Nelson
Administrative Assistant
office: (972) 463-4455​​

WaterView Homeowner Association Board of Directors


A group of five (5) HOA members elected by the general membership to make policy and business decisions which are in the best interest of the association as a whole.

Term of Office:

Each board member is elected to a term of two (2) years. Elections are held on a yearly basis at the annual meeting for two (2) or three (3) open board positions - depending on that year's staggered rotation. Terms are staggered to allow for a minimum of two (2) returning experienced members each year.

You can contact the Board of Directors directly by using the email address below.

    Stephanie Morgan - President
    Brad Marshall - Vice President
    John Kurtz - Treasurer
    Mark Garcia - Secretary
    Carter Holston - Director

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